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Space exploration, defined by Wikapedia, is the use of astronomy and space technology to explore outer space.

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[tags: Space Exploration Essays] - Going to space is an ever so amazing thing, but the price tag that comes with that task is just a tad more than your average day expenses.

A shuttle alone will cost the American tax payers at least 1.7 billion dollars.

The Gravity on the moon has one-sixth the gravity of Earth.

Even though some people think space exploration is a waste of time, money, and resources, more advancements need to be made with space exploration because is creates jobs, a way to find more resources, and man kind needs a planet to fall back on.

[tags: Space exploration, NASA] - Since the beginning of time, mankind has sought after learning about and exploring the universe.

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This yearning drove us to achieve such great things as the journey to the moon and the discovery of water on mars.The ones we are most commonly aware of are the advancing in scientific research and helping to ensure the future survival of humanity.However, space exploration benefits us in much greater detail than what it may appear....[tags: Space Exploration Essays] - On the journey to space exploration scientist should put a halt in trying to find value in other planets.Humans should not try to delve any further into space exploration, considering that they cannot take care of their own planet.Nowadays, several people argue as to whether or not space exploration is worth the effort.I believe that it is humanity’s instinctual nature to pursue a better understanding of ourselves, and our universe.- The trip to the closest star at one mile an hour, would take around 70,000 years.To get that far, the space program will have to have better technology that we already have (Reed).As a superior researcher, I find that I am most deserving of the chance to be funded to travel back in time and see firsthand what the reaction of the public was to the early space missions, among other possible uses of the trip.Your funding of this mission could be critical in finding out why a large percentage of the population sees space exploration as a “waste of money.” Upon learning why this may be, the information could allow me to help create a more effective space program that has the full s...


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