Analysis Of Results Dissertation

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This is referred to as the alpha level and is typically set at .05 in social science research.

An alpha level of .05 means that you are willing to accept up to a 5% chance of rejecting the null hypothesis when the null hypothesis is actually true.

However, the basic question you need to answer, do I or do I not have statistical significance, can be answered looking at one simple number: the p value.

Before you can determine if you have rejected or failed to reject your null hypothesis, you must designate the maximum probability of falsely rejecting the null hypothesis that you are willing to accept in your analysis.

Make sure to assess the clarity of your data and findings from the perspective of those who may not be familiar with your research.

Presenting your findings in an easy to understand and succinct manner is not enough to prepare a good Ph D dissertation analysis chapter.The null hypothesis we are testing is: there are no differences in the number of women hired by region. We did not find statistically significant differences in the number of women hired in higher education institutions by region.We conducted a one-way ANOVA in order to compare the number of women hired in each region. We conducted the analysis in SPSS and got the following output: We have a p value (Sig.) of .375. If the p value had been less than .05, we would have rejected the null hypothesis.Writing without a plan is counterproductive as you may write hundreds or even thousands of excess words.So, it is a good idea to always plan your Ph D dissertation chapters in general and the analysis chapter in particular.This is because of the complexity of its structure as well as the involvement of sophisticated and advanced methods of analysis.We have prepared a set of practical guidelines that can help you successfully write a Ph D dissertation analysis chapter.You should justify your choices and convince the reader that you did not select them randomly or haphazardly.Although these details belong to the methodology chapter, they clearly demonstrate that you should think of your methods of analysis at early stages of the Ph D dissertation writing process.While Ph D students may face certain challenges in representing large volumes of data, the use of graphs, charts, diagrams, and tables can help them present data in a succinct manner.Remember that you should always keep your reader in mind when writing your analysis chapter.


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