An Essay On Science

An Essay On Science-7
This essay offers an alternative view of science by analysing the narcissistic personality: prevalent among leading scientists, but rarely placed in the spotlight.This book contains five illustrations done by Tom Reed. ‘In his fascinating exploration, Bruno Lemaitre uncovers the complex face of narcissism in the world of science.Egocentrism, elitism, strategic media occupation and self-enhancement strategies are some of the first particularities that strike a newcomer to the academic world.

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A scientist is a person who studies or has master the field in science.

A scientist tries to understand how our world, or other things, work.

This book is an attempt to compile many implicit factors that are often the focus of informal discussion at meetings but rarely conceptualized.

It also provides an overview of our knowledge of the narcissistic personality as well as insights into how the recent increase in narcissism in Western society, which is of great concern for its sustainability, could explain many ethical issues that have arisen in science.

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An Essay On Science

We want to understand the biological nature of perception, learning, memory, thought, consciousness and the limits of free will.Scientists who are doing applied science try to use scientific knowledge to improve the world. Dear colleagues and friends, For many years now, I have been interested in how personalities tacitly shape interactions between scientists.Open access Scientists are often seen as meticulous and impartial individuals solely devoted to their study and the search for scientific truth.But a deeper analysis reveals that many of them are highly egocentric and sensitive to their public image and its associated privileges.He recently published a book entiteld An Essay on Science and Narcissism: How do high-ego personalities drive research in life sciences?, in which he explores the link between narcissism and science, with a focus on life sciences.While science is generally viewed as an objective activity, I have repeatedly been struck along my scientific career by how self-centered scientists with a big ego (i.e. Reading about social personalities and evolutionary psychology, I have tried to decipher how social dominance influences interactions between scientists within their community.This travel through emerging fields of psychology has been summarized in a book entitled “.Since I could not find an editor interested in the manuscript, this book is published as an auto-edition and can be obtained via internet.I am still exploring ways to diffuse it at a cheaper prize worldwide.


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