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All the king's men could not 'put him together again' either morally (when he decides to employ Larson to avoid blackmail) or physically (with his death).

His men follow his orders and Jack in particular is blind to the concept of responsibility whilst in his employ.

Willie's status as king (or rather Governor of Louisiana) is comparable to that of a fascist, populist ruler who becomes so embroiled in his role that democracy is forgotten. Consider the importance of the concept of truth in this work.

The antagonism between the father and son is a typical, intergenerational conflict that prefigures the individuation of the male child.

In its pages can be traced a multitude of fascinating subjects ranging from politics to religion, from sociology to philosophy.

There is an equally wide scope to the thematic questions posed by the work.

The novel’s complexities arouse various responses in its readers.An unorthodox champion of the little man, Long in his 1924 race for governor was unsuccessful when he tried to remain moderate on the Ku Klux Klan issue.His 1928 try for the office was a triumph, however, and at thirty-five, the outspoken country boy was a governor who almost single-handedly ruled the state.The product of a poor background, Long became a lawyer at twenty-one after completing the three-year Tulane University course in eight months.Three years later, aggressive and determined, he sought and won the one state office open at his age, a seat on the Railroad Commission.The king's men are, in this instance, the supporters and staff of Willie once he is in power.His assassination is his literal end, but his moral downfall prefigures how he is ultimately beyond saving.Warren, a Kentucky native, has a special affinity for the South, and much of his work suggests the traditions and problems of this region., while exploring issues that are universal as well as regional, has an unmistakable southern flavor in areas other than mere setting.An immediate query regarding this Pulitzer Prize-winning book usually touches on the relationship of Willie Stark and Huey Long.Governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1931, Long led a career that parallels what Warren designs for Stark, and Long presented a similarly powerful and paradoxical personality.


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