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The main idea is to allow interpolation points depend upon underlying frequency in order to minimize the error Global Convergence of an Extended Descent Algorithm without Line Search for Unconstrained Optimizationfree download ABSTRACT In this paper, we extend a descent algorithm without line search for solving unconstrained optimization problems.

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Therefore, to facilitate the video security in smart environment, lightweight security schemes are required instead of inefficient existing traditional cryptography algorithms.

This research paper provides the solution to overcome such problems.

The future generation networks: Internet of things (Io T), in combination with the advanced computer vision techniques poses new challenges for securing videos for end-users.

The visual devices generally have constrained resources in respects to their low computation power, small memory with limited power supply.

Comparison of proposed algorithm has been made with the traditional cipher algorithms XOR and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Visual results confirm that EXPer provides security level equivalent to the AES algorithm with less computational cost than AES.Hip MCL: a high-performance parallel implementation of the Markov clustering algorithm forfree download ABSTRACT Biological networks capture structural or functional properties of relevant entities such as molecules, proteins or genes.Characteristic examples are gene expression networks or protein protein interaction networks, which hold information about functional Calibration and Validation of Swat Model for Kunthipuzha Basin Using SUFI-2 Algorithm free download Model calibration is a process in which a generalized model is adjusted to represent the site specific process and conditions more realistically.In this paper, we propose a A Trust Region Algorithm for Heterogeneous Multiobjective Optimizationfree download ABSTRACT This paper presents a new trust region method for multiobjective heterogeneous optimization problems.One of the objective functions is an expensive black-box function, for example given by a time-consuming simulation.Therefore, it can easily be perceived that the EXPer is a better replacement of AES for securing real-time video applications in Io T.For the main problems and difficulties the non-computer professional students may face in the learning of data structures and algorithms course, this paper, based on years of teaching experience, discusses some ideas in the teaching of data structures and algorithms, such as using algorithm design methods as clues to introduce various types of algorithms, using data logical structure as modules to organize course contents, through real life examples to improve students interest, emphasis and application ability.The results of these Modeling and Analyzing Neural Networks Using Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Algorithm free download ABSTRACT : In this paper, we present a new method for solving some certain differential systems in the artificial neural networks field.The analytic and approximate solutions are given with series form in the spaces W [a, b] and H [a, b].The method used in this thesis has A branch-and-price algorithm for the Minimum Latency Problemfree download ABSTRACT This paper deals with the Minimum Latency Problem (MLP), a variant of the well- known Traveling Salesman Problem in which the objective is to minimize the sum of waiting times of customers.This problem arises in many applications where customer satisfaction is A Study on IOT Approach for Monitoring Water Quality Using MQTT Algorithm free download ABSTRACT Degradation of water resources has become a common problem.


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