Agents Of Socialization Essay

Such children usually accept unconventional lifestyle and uncommon ideas.

All families belong to specific class as a part of the society they live in.

Furthermore, the cultural norms of nurturing, expression of parental affection and disciplinary measures adopted in the family may vary dramatically depending on the characteristics of a social group.

It is generally considered that the western societies tend to be stricter towards the first-born children to make them achieve success in life and become more conformist.

Socialization represents a process of learning the culture of one’s community and involves different kinds of so-called social agents.

The following agents of socialization essay will therefore describe the four main types of agents as a part of the socialization process.Let us discuss the value of education, which is another important agent of socialization.Schools represent a collective environment in which children occupy different social positions and belong to different social groups.They also belong to different ethnic and racial groups.In the early years of life, the social position of an individual directly affects the formation of personality.Mass media represents another agent of socialization that has a significant impact on the way one’s culture is spread across the world.This especially concerns the American culture that has had a great influence on the global community.Such agents generally include individuals, institutions and groups that form a specific context, in terms of which the process of socialization occurs.These agents of socialization usually embrace the norms and values of one’s culture and may vary depending on one’s race, gender and social class.All these aspects determine the kind of social interactions that make us feel comfortable.All of the above-mentioned dispositions are acquired by a person through the interaction with his/her family.


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