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Synergies can come out of an organisation's size; smaller media organisations such as Channel4 can-cross promote their films, etc.

Describe and discuss the title, font, typeface and graphics on the poster.

Candidates should be prepared to understand and discuss the processes of production, distribution, marketing and exchange as they relate to contemporary media institutions, as well as the nature of audience consumption and the relationships between audiences and institutions.

Design as a starter for Coursework preparation can take between 2-4 weeks (4.5hr’s a week) varies on time allowed and skill level.

There is a random element to the celebrity, genre and target audience each student can design for so can be repeat used for small class as will always offer a variation.

How for instance, can Channel4's Film4 survive in the British market place against the high concept, big-budget films made by Newcorp's FOX, Warner Bros, Disney, Universal, etc.?

What kinds of niche audiences are left for Film4 to attract?

Film4 is therefore unable to promote their lower budget films on a level playing field.

The audience's ability to interact with films by, for instance, using digital technology to put extracts on You Tube and overlay new sound tracks on them, etc.

Romance films tend to employ lighter pastel and warm colours such as pinks, purples and other warm shades. • Layout: Are they are blended in without any concern for real perspective or size relationships between people and setting? Do you know what the plot, genre and/or theme of the film is? has the poster been painted and printed or produced using DTP ( mention how improvements in technology have changed production values).

• Narrative: What can you tell about the genre of the film and the types of characters from their facial expression, body language, stance, appearance and position on the poster? What impression do you get of the character/personalities from their expression, clothes, props. Is the poster composed of a series of images (montage, lack of perspective) Is the key image a still from the film? horror posters generally use dark strong colours especially black and red to represent death and evil. What clues do they give about the genre, and how do they attract the target audience? What style are they in and where are they positioned etc?


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