A Dream Deferred Analysis Essay

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Equally unpleasant is allowing oneself to “sugar over”, to simply nod ones head and accept the crushing of ones dreams as reality.He wonders if these delayed dreams get worser and worser over time that they just disapear from the person.Hughes continues his questioning by using another simile for postponed dreams, " Does it stink like rotten meat?Fourth, Hughes describes demolished dreams as "crust...Analysis of Harlem by Langston Hughes Through the turbulent decades of the 1920's through the 1960's many of the black Americans went through difficult hardships and found comfort only in dreaming." Hughes is trying to convey that over a period of time a person may become so tired of the dream that they have postponed that it would actually start to stink, they would start to hate it, and want to get rid of it just as if someone would want to get rid of a piece of rotten meat.He continues by using another simile for postponed dreams: "Or crust and sugar like a syrupy sweet?” He then compares a postponed dream to a dried up raisin or a festering sore, giving a reader the idea of how treacherous it can be to put off one’s goals.What only can make it worse is when we have little control over our fate; when the determination of whether or not our goals are achievable is decided by someone else as was done with the African American population in the United States Hughes offers many responses to this question, all equally unpleasant.Dreams that are left to die will infect or poison the mind.Thirdly, Hughes uses the image of rotten meat to describe dashed dreams. The conquered dreamer is left with a sour disposition.


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