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What voters said in last month’s European Parliament election is that they want to preserve the values on which the European Union was founded. I feel very honored to join the distinguished ranks of past recipients.But can Europe’s leaders carry out the radical institutional reforms that voters also want? What is most gratifying to me today is your timing. I feel honored to be recognized by the Hispanic Federation.Health is very important for every people and I won’t use the chemical substances to harm my exalted customer.

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December, 2012 is propagated as a date of catastrophe and/or transformation by people who claim to have understanding of age old Mayan calendar.

The Maya civilisation was flourishing in the rain forests of Central American region about 2000 years ago.

My dream is own a five star restaurant, I will pay fully care to manage my restaurant to make sure everyone is comfortable when they enjoy their meal in my restaurant.

Other than that the restaurant must near with the ocean so my guests can eat their meal meanwhile can appreciate the view of sea wave in the blue ocean.

The whole civilisation met a mysterious collapse and was wiped away in AD900.

There are no evidences that could suggest the sudden and mysterious collapse of the civilisation.

You make this award at a time when the values of the Open Society are under attack around the world, including the United States. But this award really belongs to the Open Society Foundations.

The Federation and my foundation have a lot in common and share the same concerns.

Every people have their own dream like dream car, dream house or others that someone who chase.

When I was a child and I wish I can have an own dream restaurant, until now I do not give up my dream and believe my dream will achieve.


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