1920 Research Paper

Although, alcohol consumption did lower at the beginning of the ban, however, shortly after the consumption of alcohol increased to higher than it had ever been before.This was partly because, although, alcohol was illegal there were still a demand for alcohol.

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His strategy was to take the movement on the road and go state by state, spreading the principles behind the Temperance movement.

Eventually he and the movement had enough support among voters that he was able to sway the vote in the 1916 election.

[Your full full April 29, Prohibition of Alcohol Before going into the discussion regarding history of the ban imposed on the consumption of alcohol in the United States in 1920, let us get a better understanding of why people like to use alcoholic drinks in their daily lives.

There are many reasons why people like to consume alcohol.

While the supporters were celebrating their success, bar owners and breweries began shutting their doors and selling their alcohol inventories. The amendment banned all intoxicating beverages.(Okrent 2) In July of that same year the United States became a “dry” country, at least, legally it did.

The Volstead Act, passed, as well, which defined that the ban would apply to any beverage with more than 0.5% alcohol level. This period of time will be a rather interesting point in history.

Despite all of the “good” intentions that bred Prohibition it was, ultimately, economically unsound and led to side-effects that were ineffective at solving the problems that they hoped to resolve.

Background In order to understand the era of Prohibition better it is necessary to be more familiar with what led to what, today, would seem like a rather drastic law.

The analysis of the study is achieved in three main sections.

Firstly, prohibition is defined as the period of nearly fourteen years of US history in which the manufacture, sale and transportation of liquor was made illegal’ (Rosenberg 2011).


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